“New” computer box

So I’m sitting in my livingroom working on my work stuff and my neighbor comes over. She wants to know what kind of computer she should get because her computer “does not have enough megabits”. My neighbor knows nothing of computers it seems.

I followed her into her apartment, and what do I see but one of these:
iMac Rev A

It’s an iMac. As in the ORIGINAL 233mhz, 5GB HDD, 2MB vram, OS 9.2 mac. Its the revision A iMac, in the first released color. It’s an antique. *_*

After some discussion, I found out what not enough megabits means. My neighbor had bought a printer at costco and the iMac could not talk to it. She wanted to get a new computer for “cheap as free”.

Of course, computers are not free, but with my neighbors it does not matter. They have 5 people living in a one bedroom under one income. It kind of reminds me of my own family actually.

After doing some searching I came to the conclusion that even if they upgraded the iMac to the newest version of the OS that it could run, it still would not drive their printer. Returning the printer was out of the question so it came down to getting another computer. After some searching of craigslist I came to a realization: Nexus is what they needed.

Nexus is an AMD 1800+ (~2ghz) box that I had sitting on my desk at university. It has been sitting in my closet since then waiting for me to clear off the disks so I could sell it. Nexus would do quite nicely for what my neighbors needed, and I didn’t really have any use for it.

I suggested the idea to my neighbor, and explained that the only problem with the plan is that I did not have a monitor that I could give them. After some more craigslisting I found an ad for someone selling a large pile of monitors. When I showed her the ad her eyes lit up. “That is a monitor!?!”. “No, that is a pile of monitors”. “Oh! We HAVE one of those!”. She then sent her husband down to the garage, who later returned with a nice, completely working 17″ monitor.

After some hardware shuffling and reformatting of disks me neighbors had a perfectly working SUSE linux box on their table where the iMac had once sat. The linux box, of course, could talk to her printer just fine.

After the job was done, she asked what I would charge her for the machine. I told her that since it was just sitting in my closet anyways that I would not charge to give her the linux box. After she insisted for a while that I absolutely MUST take something for it I agreed to trade the linux box for her iMac.

I think she got the best trade ever.

Now I’ve got a Bondi Blue iMac sitting in my livingroom that I’m trying to figure out what to do with. I found some 10.3 install discs floating around in a box and updated the system to something more modern, and I’ve found that if use firefox I can just barely stream pandora through my wireless speaker setup. If I use safari then the working set becomes larger then the 160MB of ram that is in this box and it starts thrashing. If I get some time I’m going to have to put a bigger drive in it. 5gb is just a bit too cramped. :P

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