Things that go BOOM!

So… adding to the blog the newest entry in my arsenal (now consisting of this one thing!) is a Mossberg 590A1. Having never owned a gun before I am excited to be able to exercise my 2nd amendment rights :) .

Here is what they look like new:

Mine has a few self-installed modifications…

I added a knoxx folding stock (in the hopes that Betty could use it), a rail-mounted red-dot sight and a shell holder. The shell holder is useful for how we plan to store it: unloaded with shells attached. We have no children in our house, nor do we invite any over as company. With the swords in the livingroom I would say that our house is already about as kid-unfriendly as it can get. Short to say, we are not allowing any kids in anyways so the shells stay near the gun.

The sight is kind of cool, and mostly for range use:
Boomstick sight

A “red-dot” sight is called such as it projects a dot into the middle of the tube when it is looked at. It’s easier to see a picture then anything else:
Boomstick, through sight

This sight is made by “tru-glow” and I got it online for sub $90. I’m honestly quite surprised by how well it performs. I was able to use it unadjusted out-of-the-box to make some mean holes in paper.

After assembly and cleaning we headed to our local range.

What is left of the target

This is what is left of the poor paper-bugler after putting 8 slugs and about 10 rounds of 00 buckshot through it. I guess 98 holes will do that to a paper-bugler. :)

We brought several brands/types of shells with us. We used about 40 rounds total; not many but shot-shells bought locally are EXPENSIVE! We did not experience any trouble out of the firearm at all as far as ammunition feeding and firing.

We did run into some physics trouble though. Betty is a very small person and it turns out that the 12ga is just too much for her. I have no trouble at all with it. In fact, I find it easier to use then the 40 S & W pistol that the range rents out… I guess we need to keep looking for Betty.

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